Donations Requests for Non-School Groups


It is the policy of K&C Music that all requests for donations from non-school groups or programs, or organizations not currently serviced by K&C Music be submitted in writing.


All written requests must include the following:

  • Name and address of your organization
  • Reason for donation
  • Contact name and phone number of chief officer of your organization.
  • In  addition to the above informations, if you are an outside contractor soliciting donation requests for other organizations (such as police fund, veterans fund etc...) you must include the name of that organization you are soliciting for, contact name and phone number so that we may verify the legitimacy of the solicitation.
  • You must also include the financial information regarding the donation. How much of the donation actually goes to the organization, how much to the solicitation company.
  • Include any other information you may think would be helpful in our decision making process.


Please send your request to:


K&C Music Co.
Donation Request
273 Lenox St.
Norwood, MA 02062


Thank you,

K&C Music Co.