Frequently Asked Rental Questions


How do I rent an instrument from K&C Music?

You can order your instrument on-line. This is our most popular choice and is highly recommended. Your instrument can be picked up at your school’s Rental Night in September. No long lines at rental night! On-line rentals will be given priority status for pick-up at the school's Rental Night location. On-line rentals after the Rental Night date will be delivered to your child’s school.
At your school’s Rental Night:
You can rent and pick-up the instrument at your schools’ Rental Night in September.
By phone or email:
You can call the K&C Office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You can reach us by phone or e-mail at 781-769-6250, or [email protected]
What forms of payment are accepted?
Payments can be made by MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards using our monthly auto pay feature (our most popular option). If you would like to be billed monthly, and pay by check or money order, a statement can be sent to your house. There is an additional $3.00 fee per month for this option.
How much are the monthly rental fees?
Monthly Rent to Own fees  before tax and insurance range from $28 to $58.  String Rentals start at $28 depending the size and type of string instrument.
How long is the rental period?
The rental period varies based upon instrument type and whether it is new or refurbished. Once the rental period is over, you own the instrument. Most customers will purchase the instrument before the end of the rental period. If you are sure your child will continue to play in middle school, you can take advantage of our 40% discount on the remaining balance. You can pay off the instrument at anytime during the rental period.
Why have insurance? What does it cover?
Instrument insurance is included in the monthly payment. The insurance covers all repairs for the length of the rental. It also covers the instrument for loss and theft.
When do I receive the instrument?
Instruments that are ordered on-line can be picked up at your schools Rental Night. If you are filling out your contract at the rental night, you will most likely receive your instrument that night.

Due to the unpredictable nature of instrument popularity, we may run out of a particular instrument on some nights. If this is the case, you will be able to fill out a contract, and your instrument will be delivered within a week to your childs schools. This is why we highly reccomend the on-line option.
How do I have the instrument repaired?
All rental instrument repairs are covered by the monthly insurance payment. We will visit your school to pick up the instrument to be repaired and leave a loaner instrument for your child to use. In most cases, typical repair turnarounds are within one week. We will return the instrument to school when it is ready. To request a repair, please call the office at 781-769-6520 or email us at: [email protected] Please have your account number ready if possible. 
How do I stop renting the instrument if my child decides to stop playing?
Simply call or email the office to notify us that you would like to cancel the rental agreement and return the instrument. We will schedule a pick-up date at your child’s school. Once we have the instrument, your financial obligation ends. It is important to make sure you notify us before dropping off the instrument at your school. Without notification your contract will continue to be billed, and you may incur additional fees. Please call us at 781-769-6520, or email [email protected].
Can I pay off the instrument early?
Yes! You can pay off the remaining rental balance at anytime. We offer a 40% discount on the remaining balance at time of purchase. You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing the instrument before the end of the rental period. For an additional fee you may purchase insurance which will cover the insrument for the length of the original contract.